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How much space do you need?

We require a space no smaller than 4x2 metres. Anything slightly smaller will be a squeeze, but having all played in various venues over the years, I’m sure we can make it work!

How is it best to time things?

In our experience, we have found it best to have the first dance shortly before 9pm. This is usually after you cut the cake and have had photos. We would then begin our first hour set at 9pm – 10pm. We would then require a minimum of a 30 minute break before taking to the stage (usually at 10:30pm) for another hour set. We advise having evening food between sets, as guests won’t like trying to dance and eat at the same time! We are happy to split our sets into 3x40 minute sets if needed, but we advise to stick 2x1hr sets for the party atmosphere.

Can I pick the bands playlist?

You’re more than welcome to choose the set list from the band’s repertoire. It’s also fine to tell us which songs you’d prefer us not to play from that repertoire. As stated previously, we are more than happy and able to learn a first dance or any other other requests not in our repertoire for a small fee. This is to cover extra rehearsal time. 

Where will you travel to?

We are based in London and Greater London, but we regularly travel both nationally and internationally.

Can I see you play live?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our work, 95% of our bookings are private events. It has been known in the past for us to liaise with a client about a potential client coming to view the first set so they can see us in our element. Depending on the client and their wishes, we could arrange for you to come and see us if it’s local and convenient. Alternatively, any public gigs will always be posted on our social media sites. Keep your eyes peeled!

Will you learn our special song?

If it is musically viable for our three piece line up, or any additional musicians you may hire, of course (for a small extra fee)!

Is the video on your website a true reflection of the band?

Everything you see and hear us do, will be able to be replicated live. We strongly believe in offering an honest, professional, yet fun service for everyone to enjoy.

How do I book you?

There are a couple of ways you can book us. You can use a booking form on our website, or you can alternatively use our agency Alive Network ( Their telephone number is 0845 108 5500 / our agent Clare on 0845 226 3166. You can also email us at

Can we use your sound system for speeches?

You are more than welcome to do this. However, as of this moment, we do not use radio mics. Please bare this in mind. If you’d like to hire them for the day, we can plug them into our system at no extra cost.

What equipment do you use?

GoldBeat’s live sound system is a top class system consisting of a Yamaha MG206x mixing desk, 2x Yamaha DBR15 loudspeakers and 1 Mackie Thump for monitoring.

Do you have lights?

We do. We provide an 4 can LED lighting bar that synchronises with the music and creates a fantastic vibe.

How long do you play for?

Contractually, we provide 2hrs of live music in our basic package. This is usually split into 2x1hr sets. It can also be split into 3x40min sets. We advise sticking to 2x1hr sets to keep the party vibe flowing, rather that stop/start.

What time do you start and finish?

This is at your discretion. Should you purchase the basic package, most performances begin at 9pm and end between 11:30pm and 12am.

How long do you take to set up?

Depending on the venue and the load in, it can take between 45 – 75 minutes. This includes a soundcheck.

Can I provisionally book you?

Unfortunately, due to high demand and busy scheduling this is something we cannot do. However, should you make an official enquiry, this will be logged on system and the date will be reserved for you.

What if the band split up before my event?

As this is our livelihood, the chances of this happening is slim to none. In the incredibly unlikely event this is to happen (which it really won’t!), either a suitable replacement shall be sourced, or a full refund shall be provided.

Can my sisters/bosses/daughters dog sing with your band?

They can do, but we like this to be pre arranged and for the singer to have previous live singing experience. We are uneasy about doing this in the heat of the moment, as it can be disastrous, especially after everyone has had a few drinks!

What will the band wear?

For weddings and corporate events, we usually wear white shirts with black tie, black jeans and smart shoes. For private parties and slightly less formal events, we tend to wear smart/casual clothing. We are also happy to tie ourselves in with the theme of your event, should enough notice be given.

Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates?

Everything we run is fully PAT tested and our Public Liability Insurance covers us for £5m

Why should I book GoldBeat?

Having spent years honing our craft by playing gigs both nationally and internationally, we have developed a live experience that all ages can thoroughly enjoy. We play music from the 50s to modern day floor-fillers by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruno Mars, Daft Punk and Kings Of Leon, just to name a few. We guarantee for you to be gobsmacked at our top musicianship, professional appearance and entertaining stage presence.

How much does it cost to book the band?

Prices will always vary from gig to gig. This is because of time of year, location, timings and whether you choose to purchase an upgrade package. Our standard package starts at £917.

Can we see some previous client testimonials?

Of course! Please head over to our ‘testimonials’ page for a full display. There are already a couple jotted around the website.

Do The Hot Shots have any specific requirements?

For every booking, we request a room in which to change and relax. We also request that the client provides a hot meal and refreshments such as soft drinks/tea/coffee. This is standard for every wedding/events band.

What type/size venues are you able to play at?

We have played in people’s front rooms and festival stages. No venue is too big or too small.

How loud will the band be?

As loud as you want us to be! We aim to provide top class entertainment that everyone can enjoy. There’s nothing worse than watching an audience hold their ears whilst you blast through a song!

What is the band power requirement?

We require 4x 16 amp sockets to run extension leads from. We use LED lighting to keep the power consumption down. This does not effect the quality.

Do GoldBeat offer any additional services?

We do! We offer an additional solo acoustic set, trio acoustic set, an early arrival or late finish and first dance requests. We are also able to learn any song that’s musically viable for a small extra cost.

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